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Happy Anniversary

Joe and Bonnie.  A very pleasing celebration.

The Cartoons this week were mediocre at best.  I usually find one or two of the bizarre very funny.  The theme this week is the Florida  election malfeasance.  There are really no end to the jokes made and to be made.  If one wonders why Florida cannot get it’s act together, consider that the election difficulties only occur in heavily democrat districts and the questions answer themselves.


This one was particularly appropriate:

Mike once wrote a classic paper on the cruelty mankind inflicts on the vegetable.  Skinning and onion… Stewing a tomato… Irony taken to the highest level.  I offer this as a salute:

IMG 0967

One might also make a hiliary for prez joke but that dilutes the intent.

Very crisp cool day here in VaBch.  Smacks of Fall and the dreaded cold weather to come.  I am not a winter type of person but not yet quite incompetent enough to move to Florida..  Maybe Arizona… oh… right… Can’t go there either.

The family who wants to adopt Lena is going to take her for the Thanksgiving period. That should work out.  Unless of course they fail to heed my warning and Lena eats their dinner while they are looking the other way.


Such memories…

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