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Happy Birthday Mei Mei

She is closing on on old age just like the rest of us.  Coincidently, today we took in a new foster: Pearl, a 3 year old female from Turkey.  Just like all of the others, she is a sweetie.

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Welcome home to Bonnie who had hip repair surgery yesterday.  There were rumors of an upcoming marathoning soccer match, but I suspect fake news…

Not much in the rant bag this morning.  PDT is a Russian agent, that much is clear.  I just wish Mueller would hurry up and indict the man.  Then maybe we can get on with the pressing business of electing Kirsten Hillibrand or Beto or any of the other vastly qualified pretenders to the throne.  Open those borders; raise those tax rates to 105% and declare AOC queen.  Gillette for everyone.  OK, OK, that’s just my inner democrat talking.  That’s what happens when I don’t have a good rant ready.

I’m about to get back into the Sunday School teacher rotation.  That always stresses me. I only have three areas of expertise: golf, submarines and video games; well, single malt scotch is creeping up the  list.  In any case it’s hard to apply those areas to theology and at my age, almost old, it’s important that I not be unnecessarily offensive to the Big Guy.  I don’t want the other side of the rainbow bridge to be overly warm.

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