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Happy Birthday Mike

Birthday greeting are usually reserved for immediate family but when you have had the honor to call someone like Mike, friend for almost 40 years that’s about as close to family as it gets.  He like many of us is approaching old age.  May he never get there.  


I lost the quote, but someone said, wisely, “The democrats made the 4th all about Trump.  Trump made the 4th all about America”  Well said, somebody.


I have a bunch of cartoons I have been saving for the right rant but haven’t gotten around to finding the words so here is my potpourri: 

Along the theme of ”I just don’t get it”:

And this one:

I already used this one but I like it so much I am re-posting:

IMG 0041

Now I must go back to the dentist and have my root canal repaired.  Some days are like that.  But I draw inspiration from the young man who won the PGA tournament this weekend by draining a 25 foot eagle putt on the last hole.  Not only was it an inspired win but it was his first PGA tournament having just graduated college in May. He just turned 20. Wow.  I cannot remember ever being 20…  I'm pretty sure I was almost old when I was born…


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