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Happy Birthday Scott

The old man of Jakarta.  I would post a picture but compared to his sister he is a dinosaur.  I  FaceTimed him this morning.  They had just gotten back from an Italian dinner… In Jakarta.

The big news is the National Emergency declared by PDT… Wow he really stepped over the line this time.  I wonder how many of those things we have actually had...



Let’s see… uh… PDT wants to protect us from the criminals, drugs, terrorists and telephone call spammers who come and go across the southern border.  He’s a racist villain who needs to be investigated, perp walked, impeached, lashed, tarred, feathered and made to listen to rap music for the next decade.  hussein gave Iran billions in cash for no other reason than he sympathized with their Death to America pleas, and he became the prototypical Super Hero of the News Interpreters of America. And that’s how it works in democratLand.

Uh… We only talk about this if the democrats are in power but really...


Someone said the blondes all over the world are telling AOC jokes…The Amazon rejection of NY is a rare instance of wisdom in these days of raging ignorance.

The cold February rain contrasts badly with the Cherry tree in full bloom; daffodils in the background

IMG 1851

I saw a headline that stated most Americans cannot pass the test given for citizenship.  I took the incredibly simple test (one question: what is the name of the National Anthem).  I passed.  Got them all but so would have Roscoe. And we wonder why THEY elect democrats…

The cartoons today were mediocre. This one was good:

And this from the bizarre - but makes me fall out of my chair laughing - set:

I think we are keeping Pearl…

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