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Happy Flag day

Here’s some trivia. Enjoy it for the music if not the history:

Still struggling with whatever is going on within my sinus.  4th day of anti-biotics.  Good thing I’m not old.

Today the IG report comes to full daylight.  My guess is we have already heard the worst and the remainder will hit the air with a fizzle.  No perp marches; no smoking gun in the hand of hussein.  Comey will claim his integrity is secure.  bb hil will snort.  Sheryl Attkisson, one of the bevy of beauties I read and believe has written this article about the FBI’s Fractured Fairy Tale.  Good stuff. (the link is there, trust me)

I noticed a a tendency among the news interpreters to write long sad stories about the prevalence of suicide among celebrities.  Apparently a monied life among the elite drags these poor folks into depression.  I have a little trouble digging into my sparse sympathy reserves.  Although good statistics (yeah right) are hard to locate, likely, as many as 20 veterans take their lives every day.  This is not a case of over-indulgence of the good things in life.  It is a case of having to pay mentally for the sacrifice that allows the rich and famous to go into depression over their good fortune.

No back story for this one but….


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