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“Happy" for $2000 Alex... the answer is: Yes I did...

 BZZZZ.  Bob: What is “Did You have a nice Birthday”  OK, no money but having dinner with Classmates was priceless.  Bonnie and Joe were hosts for the monthly dinner out.  Bonnie baked a large one layer German Chocolate cake that served the group.  Great time; great friends.  Thanks Bonnie.

Mei Mei also baked me my traditional German Chocolate birthday cake.  As the three layers were cooling n the counter, our foster boy very quietly helped himself to one layer.  We had an appointment with the vet for a bandage change later in day so we spoke of the incident.  The vet promptly took him back and made him vomit the residue.  She said the toxic chocolate probably wouldn’t kill him but the resulting diarrhea might make us wish it had…

I approached the weekly Peggy Noonan WSJ column with some reluctance this morning.  She is not a fav as I have made clear in the past.  Her topic was why the libs would never let go of the Kavanaugh fantasy.  As I read the first half of the column, I grew increasingly angry as she spewed out the liberal “logic”,  an oxymoron indeed.  But in the last half of the column, she destroyed the arguments and left me quite satisfied.  So I give her credit where it is due.


I read a comment from a frustrated republican voter.  He was angry about mass shootings and his reactions was the tired old question: how many of these will it take before we do something…? So he was going to vote democrat next time… Sigh…  I’m also frustrated over what exactly makes people so irrational that they would kill in such a manner.  Where I differ from the aforementioned voter is I, rather unreasonable I guess, ask if the something we must do is effected, would it  have actually prevented the horror…?  (That and voting democrat).  So let’s confiscate all “Assault Rifles”.  Everything fixed…? Whoops not really… Now confiscate all firearms..  Fixed now…? and so on yada, yada… Very tiresome and painful.

And finally:

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