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Happy New Year?

Yesterday we concluded the New Year celebration with Mike and Cindy.  On Friday we had the traditional pre-dinner appetizers and cocktails.  Joe and Bonnie joined in.  Then we gathered at the table. Mike did grace and we ate the fatted calf.  The skit followed as tradition dictates. 

IMG 3304

p* and p**

We worked the puzzle until around 10 and agreed to call it a year. Mei Mei and I watched another episode of Chosen and were fast asleep until some neighbors set off fireworks at midnight.  

IMG 3293

We completed the puzzle Sunday afternoon but the wily minds of experience had already solved the mystery even with only 998 pieces in place.

IMG 3298

The climate turned fierce this morning with wind and rain and th prediction of snow showers this after noon.  Bizzare after almost reaching 80 on New Years day.  Here’s hoping for a better 2022 without infection or corruption.

  © Robert Graham