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Happy New Year...

Whatever that means… It’s the Friday after Thursday and the covid is still tapping at my window.  Just as the girls are still finding little holes in the fence, I suspect the wuhan is among us as we eat and breathe.

In any case we wrapped the celebration at about 10:00 last night.  In the 35 or 36 years we have been doing this with the McLanes, my guess is we only missed one or two midnight tipples of champagne.  Last night, although we have at least three bottles laying around, we clinked in the new year at 10 with empty glasses.

We did get the annual picture:

IMG 2567

The puzzle remains unfinished at this point.  We did make great progress, but Bonnie was a major contributor.  We also have the advantage that none of the dogs climb on the table and redistribute the pieces as is the case with McLanes cat.

I note with distain that pelosi, known in most circles as the hag, condemned republicans for their heartless disregard of the plight of American suffering without aid.  This from the woman who admitted she sat on and refused to pass the bill for monthsmnbecause she hated PDT… And then there is coumo, the assassin of NY, who changed the rules for football game attendance so he could attend the Buffalo game.  While at the same time he drives restaurant owners into devastation with draconian rules without basis in fact.  I hope the two of them find comfort with each other in that particularly well heated room in Hell…

Welcome 2021…  Looking forward to 2022 and 2024… At least I hope I am…

  © Robert Graham