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Happy New Year

Sigh… Just dropped the McLanes off at the northbound train. We had a flash-by couple of days.  Somewhere in there we celebrated the passing of the old year.  Although 2018 wasn’t all that bad a year from our perspective, let’s face it, there wasn’t much to it.  It was January, then June and before we could say what th… we were just past Christmas. The calendar in front of me says Wed Jan 2… My guess is tomorrow it will suggest something in March…

Anyway we did capture a moment shortly after midnight :

Dinner eaten; skit given; movie watched;  champagne sipped;  kisses all around.  Cindy was apparently opening the New Year Salami, always a favorite moment… Yeah I have no idea what she has there.  We got to bed after 1:00.  Joe and Bonnie offered us Belgian waffles with assorted toppings at brunch the next day.  Fortunately for me no profile views of my body structure are visible.

Mike and Bonnie shared a love for haiku, a  form of Japanese poetry.  I was going to include some here but my stream of consciousness holds only images of PDT and some assorted democrats… Not at all poetic. 

There rests old Roscoe

He returns my love tenfold

Golden is his soul

Oh well.  Better than stuff about schumer and pelosi...

We neglected the traditional TV network coverage of the approaching New Year.  The days of Guy Lombardo are long gone of course, but the network shows get worse every year as the self-absorbed hosts get plastered and the incoherent noise masquerading as music only irritates.  Apparently the NBC show this year was particularly obnoxious.  But we didn’t watch it, so much like the tree falling in the empty forest, it made no sound. Hmmm… might be a haiku in there somewhere.

So what are my mottos for 2019…?  "Elizabeth Warren for President", for starters.  Then I should focus on my fat somehow… "Bigger Belts for Bob”.  then there is the peace on earth sort of thing: "Golden Retrievers for Everyone”.  And the never out of style: "Build the Wall”.

Happy New Year Indeed

aa© Robert Graham 2012