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Well, the big news is that yet another democrat anti-trump crusader has been revealed to be a #metoo violator.  Of all people, it turns out to be that bastion of democratic justice, the AJ of New York.  This story is so huge that all of the democratic protective news interpreters had to feature the sleaze bag in their headlines.  I, of course, know no details because my attention span is limited to the words: democrat, sexual abuse, attorney general and new york. I wonder if the perpetrator’s name happens to be mueller…? 

Knowing as little as I do, I wonder what will really happen if PDT nullifies that masterpiece of negotiation put together by the kerry/hussein cartel…?  Does it mean Iran will now pursue the nuclear annihilation of Israel and all things American…?  Will Death to America chants reverberate from the Iranian leadership…?  Will Hezbollah wreak terror upon innocents worldwide…?  Am I missing something or aren’t those things happening anyway…  In any case, I’m pretty sure PDT will want to appease his European counterparts… Chortle…what am I saying…?  PDT has no counterparts.

So back to the redaction crises… A casual reading of what was under those redacted lines, ostensibly information vital to national security, turns out to be only embarrassing conflicts of testimony  among the high and mighty #nevertrump officials of the DOJFBI and other “intelligence” officials.  Lying, corrupted weasels…. I should redact that but I’m not embarrassed. 

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We renewed acquaintances with some old friends last night, involving a fine Balvanie 12, prime steaks, a magnificent Cabernet and good rapport.  The down side was the demise of my one day old effort to shed some portion of my out of control fat accumulation.  Oh well, I’ll restart the diet right after SAMSUNG restores my TV… 

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