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My cyber-assisted heart beat leaped momentarily when my Apple Watch announced PDT threatened to veto the fraudulent spending bill.  But he chortled at the joke and signed it tossing away the future of republican governance. That of course being a joke unto itself. 


I’m always on the search for cartoons.  Most of the good ones these days  have to do with hilliary and her incompetent waddle down steps or failing a sure thing or her inability to stifle her losers whine… Yeah.  We all celebrate those things and laugh at her pain but that’s not really the point anymore is it…?  In the face of a steady stream of facts, the gun control idiots are winning the PR battle. The democrats who were mocked for passing bills no one had read, stand back and laugh as the republicans go one up. The conservative winds that swept the republicans into complete control of the government have died away as the stink of corruption and progressive thinking infuses the atmosphere.  How bad is it…?  Read here.

We have four Samsung flat screen TVs in the house.  Only one doesn’t work.  There is nothing to watch anyway except golf and Chicago PD.  Here is the irony:  We decided to replace the large screen unit that was acting flaky because we didn’t want Murphy leaping in and causing failure during the A-N Game.  It is running just fine.  

Still no report on the last X-rays taken on Halley’s leg.  So she is still with us.  She very seldom barks and when she does it is usually her alone.  The rest of the pack barks at everything that moves but Halley ignores those demons.  Very unique little girl.  Probably has something to do with her Islamic upbringing.


Yeah.  I know.  But it gave me relief from the news of the day.

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