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Hello Monday

And how was your weekend…? Ours was quiet and wet. I usually watch the PGA on Sundays but the tournament was rained out.  I could have watched NFL but not a fan of any particular team anymore.  I did sneak a peek at the Redskins game and watched a little of the Packers just because I am addicted to the background noise of the TV.  I hear a couple of players kneeled and several others protested in some fashion. Overpaid underachievers who could apply some of their excess millions toward solving real problems in urban neighborhoods.  It is those breeding grounds of crime and inhumanity that they should be protesting… But what do I,  a right wing barbaric racist… and white to boot… know about anything.  Except golf, of course.  I know about golf.

We in the household are experiencing a sense of panic as rumors swirl of a pending anonymous op-ed in the Virginian Pilot by a member of the resistance, describing chaos in the home arena.  There is talk of discriminatory and forced dietary limitations; the vindictive use of slanderous references in the blog; scandalous inactivity among the walkers forcing some to fend for themselves to get exercise; and the contempt held by some for the plight of the elderly animals who are forced arbitrarily to "do their business" in the outdoors.  As a member of senior management  I am preparing a rebuttal just in case.  My defense against impeachment is summarized below:


When reached for comment the dogs responded:


Yesterday our sweet foster, Lena, scooped a plate of cookies from the counter yesterday and consumed the batch.  Mei Mei was furious.  She invoked the "drat it anyway” epitaph of anger.  Then last night I was awakened by the glow of a flashlight in the hallway.  I irrationally leaped from the bed to investigate without even pausing to arm myself with the empty and rusted old shotgun in the closet.  Turns out it was Grandson Jackson, attempting to quietly clean up the residue of Lena’s attack on the recycling bin.  She had scattered plastic and tinfoil all about in her search for something edible. Kudos to him for his attempt to avoid waking the management but what to do with girl Lena…?  Maybe we’ll just put her up for adoption.

I realize I have avoided the usual political tripe this morning.  I could have commented on hussien’s reappearance as he attacked PDT in contradiction to  presidential protocol but I understand his need to get out there and say me, me, me, I, I ,I. Or perhaps I could have mentioned the movement in California to require alll power generation to be from renewable sources… thus driving energy costs to several times that of the rest of the world.  Further there is the lingering anger of the liberals over Kavanaugh:

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I was communicating with a young man (I suppose) during a video game.  He mentioned something about twitter… then apologized.  Sorry, he said, do you know what that is…? Dotage is assigned to me no matter the agism...

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