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Here and gone

Our household is quiet after a day or so of happy noise and happenings.  Christmas day zipped past us at about the same speed as the earlier part of December.  Whoosh.  The presents were modest and were opened in short order.  

The traditional dinner rocked on the edge of disaster as the larder came up short of a few vital items.  Two turkeys roasted in the oven, but the meat thermometer was OOC, and no one was sure when, or how we would even know, they were done.  The Kuhns supplied missing chicken stock and butter but suffered their own calamities as they prepared potatoes and accompanying dishes. The gravy teetered on the brink of disaster; saved by Pam who became a chef when most needed.  Somehow it came together and the feast was on.  One turkey was enough so we had a full spare; Bonnie brought three pies; Our cup ran over… We did take the time to thank God for our bounty.  HE certainly favored us all…

The interpreters tell me PDT was the first President in decades not to spend time with the troops.  Bad PDT, bad. Oh wait, he did visit; but it was a corrupted visit because he signed MAGA hats for the troops… Bad PDT, bad.  But they were all happy to see him and cheered his visit; still he was altogether too political and said things not in a Holiday spirit… Tsk, tsk… And he SHUT DOWN the government over nonsense like national security while making phone calls to children to tell them there is no Santa… Sigh… Bad PDT, bad.  


Ramirez, as always, got it right.

I know I am critical of the news interpreters, Fully justified in almost every case.  Still every now and then a news article gives me the news I need to hear:

"People who drink moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee and are overweight in their 70s live longer lives, according to researchers at UC Irvine Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders"

 Moderate was not defined but surely I am a moderate person if I ever knew one.  

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