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Here we are

immersed in another Thursday.  Only strange things will happen.  I was supposed to play in a tournament sponsored by the Alumni Association.  They cancelled because of the incessant thunderstorm alerts.  Didn’t want to play anyway because two golf days in a row now falls into the category of enhanced interrogation.  In liberal speak: torture.

Sometimes I have to write things down before a particular sequence leads to the conclusion: democrat. Take for example the events concerning the Norks.  PDT beats them up and suddenly they were very conciliatory and want to summit and all of that. The News Interpreters shouted beware it’s a trap and by the way no big deal.  We’ve been here before. PDT says only going with the flow and won’t be snookered.  Then the NorKs characteristically start squirming and posturing with the usual rhetoric and the N.I.’s go ballistic.  How could you allow this to happen, they shout… The Trumpster screwed this up with his insane tweets and threats…  The man could heal a leper and raise the dead and the headline would be Trump has a messiah complex.


Speaking miracles… SAMSUNG called and is, in theory, delivering a replacement TV tomorrow… In theory… Stay tuned.

Socialists won dem primaries in PA.  Normally that would just make me chortle but since the government controlled education system has whitewashed socialism into a panacea for the millennial entitlement mentality, the move will probably succeed.  So we will just ignore history as is our wont and relive the horrors of socialism.  


( Actual quote:”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” George Santayana)

Net Neutrality. Don’t you wish you knew what that really is…?  I certainly do.  Because hussein thought it was a good thing, I am inclined to think it has to be as evil as lucifer. My preconceived notion is boosted by the fact that somehow the democrats, with the help of three ninny republicans passed a resolution to restore it.  


Got to be big money involved.  It certainly has nothing to do with you and me.

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