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Here we are

On wishy-washy Thursday.  What shall we rant about on this quiet, overcast Fall day…?  Well first of all I had to withdraw from the golf tournament yesterday.  I have been having some back problems the last few times I played and after about 9 holes of not having fun, I just put my clubs in the car and drove home for nap therapy.  I guess I need to see the chiropractor… Or I could just rub some scotch on it…

So what are the Mullahs thinking…?  Clearly they want war, probably because just as clearly PDT doesn’t.  Many folks are surprised at the level of pain he is willing to endure from a group of terrorists whose claim to fame is  chanting “Death to America”.  The Egomeister thinks he can negotiate out of the mess.  As far as I can see no one agrees with him.  The Iranian trump card, excuse the expression, is disruption of the oil supply which we have seen can throw the world economy down the crapper.  PDT's ace is the ability to return Iran to its desert roots in a heartbeat.  I’m pretty sure Iran thinks if PDT goes to war he will lose the election and they can deal again with the hussein spirt of pro-Islam give away.

But if PDT does go to war the Mullahs may be the first casualty.  The Iranian people are a revolting group who once had a modicum of prosperity and some freedom of choice.  Granted the Shah was a nasty son of a gun. Still it wouldn't be surprising to see a bloody insurrection if a few of the ruling elite suffered some severe dismemberment due to carpet bombing. 

The New York Times:

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Enough said.  even though there is a lot to be said.

For a quick look at the dem candidates:


OK.  Time for some more therapy…

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