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Here we are at Tuesday...

April is being stolen and it’s one of my favorite months.  Pollen not withstanding, the colors returning to the bleak brown stained world is exciting.  The daffodils, that have been blooming since February are sadly going away.  I blame the democrats of course but who wouldn’t…?

I have no attachment to UVA.  Back in the day it was known as a “party school”.  But we have church friends and acquaintances who either attended or have kids/grandkids who attended so we were inclined to favor the UVA basketball team as they moved to be Champions of the NCAA.  To be honest I never saw the ending of any of their games including the one last night.  My loyalty, marginal at best, does not dictate losing sleep.  Apparently GOD is a UVA fan given the favorable escapes the team managed on the way to becoming National Champions.  


I had blood work for my upcoming semi-annual chat with my urologist.  I have a couple of friends  whose cancer recurred after several years so the anxiety grows with increasing PSA numbers.  On the other hand I have paid my taxes, one of the two guaranties in life… Pretty sure I ain't escaping  the other…

AG Barr will be testifying before a democrat controlled committee this morning.  I can easily predict how that circus will proceed.  Fortunately Barr is a savvy and experienced bureaucrat.  My guess he will allow the fools to be fools and will come off as the adult in the room.  In any case there should be some good cartoons tomorrow.

i stopped drinking coffee because of the dehydration, at least for a while.  I have been back on the brew for a while now and life is much better with than without… so my addictions are and have been caffeine and sugar.  Yet I am still not quite old… Not bad…


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