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Here we are

Friday already. And the 8th of March…?  Dagnabit I’ve already lost at least 3 weeks of 2019.  When one is almost old, those weeks matter…

We are enrolled in a church divisive controversy. End of the world… right?  Damn democrats, liberals and LGBTxyz rights movements.  Just destroying life as we know it.  I say that because as I was researching stuff for my lesson Sunday, I reacquainted my self with the Arian controversy of the third century Christian church.  Wow.  

In that little rift, the radicals suggested that because Jesus was created by the Father, he could not be worshiped on the same plane as God who has existed forever.  Jesus, after all, came along at a finite point in history.  Now there is a controversy.  In point of fact the pros and cons rioted and fought bitterly in the streets.  Political movements formed; people were murdered.  Plots to overthrow leadership flourished.  Even an act of banishment of the trouble maker Arias by the emperor Constantine failed to settle the furor which lingered for centuries.  Eventually the  arguments helped fuel the great Schism between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches over whether the Holy Spirit emanates from just the Father or the Father and the Son.


But then we do have evils to deal with in our modern age:


Speaking of schisms, lovely Kimberly, in her Friday column, detailed the divisions among the democrats over policy, anti-semitism and the brained vrs the non-brained.  She does it so well.  Unfortunately she concludes that in the long run it won’t matter because they are are just democrats and will eventually unite at the lowest common denominator.

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