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Here we go

December 1st and we are left to wonder what transpired between today and September when we entered the time warp.  ’Tis a puzzlement… These 4 month years are wearing me down.

We received a nice email from the folks who adopted Honey saying how well she is doing and how happy they are.  Very gratifying.

As I interpret the interpretations of those whose pixels I display and ingest, I find many foolish predictions.  For example, one current theme is that the republicans will sweep the '22 mid-terms assuring an overwhelming majority in the legislative branch.  That “sweep” will reassure those of us who decry the destruction of all American values and return sanity to government.  … deep sigh… How quickly we forget the uncanny ability of republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Further, the unelected governance of the news interpreters will continue to rule heavily in favor of the democrats no matter any election outcome.  

To continue the fantasy, there is speculation that the SCOTUS will overturn Roe v Wade.   Abortion has never been a case of logic, law or Constitutional rights. Abortion is a matter of convenience to those who practice the process of reproduction  but refuse responsibility for the resulting gift of God. The imagined “political” split among the justices is in the eye of the beholder. There is assurance that the liberal women on the court will adhere to their corrupted masquerade  of "reproductive rights”.  There is assurance that at least one of the conservative men will view the issue through his lens of morality. The others will attempt to compromise their morality with the pressure of public opinion and democrat threats.   The outcome will be murky and will leave the so called “Constitutional Right’ intact.

  © Robert Graham