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Here we go

Another Friday and of course: Kimberly.  Her words were grim this morning as she regretted the departure of the PDT economic advisor.  Her feeling is the adults in the room are slowly finding the PDT tantrums and whims too much to deal with and thus finding other work.  I, myself, am a little frightened by her warnings.  In any case it’s not funny.

What was very funny this morning was the Ammo Grrrl column at PowerLine.  Take the time to read it.  One quote concerning things to do instead of watching next year’s Oscar show:

Read the Constitution. It’s actually shockingly short. See if you can locate the penumbra where those wacky Founding Fathers supported baby killing.

Turns out that maybe old General Sessions,the AG, whom most hardly remember and those who do, uncomfortably, may have already appointed a prosecutor to sniff about in the FISA/DOJ/FBI/clinton/hussein pile of stinky stuff.  Yeah awkward sentence, but to clarify, read here, or here.  I love to grasp at the straws that might just give me some small measure of satisfaction.  Make one of those smug, democrat loving, PDT hating, enforcers of American Justice  do a perp walk.  I'm begging you.

Halley goes to the eye doctor this afternoon and, in theory, the Samsung incompetent will arrive with the fix for my wounded TV.  We are also attending the monthly luncheon of the Seasoned Energetic Adults to hear a presentation about Railroads by one of our own who was a senior VP of Norfolk Southern.  And for fun maybe I’ll chase that littler terrier around  the neighborhood.  I so enjoy the diversion...

According to rumor, Joy Behar, the liberal, mindless host on the View, called the VP to apologize about her assertion on national TV that he was mentally ill because of his Christianity.  If she did, my guess is she said she was sorry if he was offended.  That’s the usual apology from liberals when they are forced to make one because of economic factors but don’t really believe they did anything wrong. Apparently her call was mandated by a barrage of angry communications from outraged Christians.  Not that TV networks have a moral core, it was just that the calls were being made to sponsors.  That hits the morals where it counts.  Now how about a public apology… Yeah...


Sorry.  My search for a good, relevant cartoon came up empty.  I suspect tomorrow we’ll get some great stuff concerning PDT and his invitation to meet with the NORKS.  Stay tuned…

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