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I sit in the car dealership waiting for an oil change and state inspection.  The TV is tuned to one of those local happy women’s talk shows.  They are currently fawning over the hussein family signing up with Netflix.  I am quietly retching.  I may have to run to the men’s room, assuming such a gender specific place exists.

Our A/C unit was removed from the OOC list late yesterday.  We weren’t suffering because the weather has been relatively cool but the humidity was uncomfortable.  Actually we could have just walked upstairs where cooling is fine but I am a carefully established whiner and such a move would have been out of character.

Byron York asks:

But now comes word of the FBI informant, described in various accounts as a retired American professor living in England. The Washington Post reported that, “The professor’s interactions with Trump advisers began a few weeks before the opening of the investigation, when Page met the professor at the British symposium.”

A few weeks before the opening of the investigation — those are the words that have raised eyebrows among Hill investigators. If it was before the investigation, then what was an FBI informant doing gathering undercover information when there was not yet an investigation?

Well, I have read dozens of espionage novels that explain exactly what happened.  Here is where I give you the benefit of my study… The, then, Director of the CIA, dirty johnny brennan, whose love of Islam is only exceeded by his adoration of the, then, CINC, hussein, and his hatred of the Donald, simple initiated a covert operation wherein the retired American Professor engaged vulnerable men who were or could be associated with the Trump campaign.  By muttering rumors of the nefarious Russian hackers, the professor drew the convenient idiots into what could later be compromising conversations.  

And there you have it.  The usual ending presented by the novelist, a timely termination with malice of the Director, is not likely in this case. That would only happen if a clinton were the object of the operation.


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