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Here’s the deal...

Manufacturers of internal combustion engines for cars are cutting back.   The “EV” is the “thing” now.  (WSJ this morning)  Apparently, "do the math” is an archaic term that only made sense pre-woke.  The math is relatively simple:  We do not have enough fuel to power a fleet of EV’s.  That fuel is electrons supplied from large highly toxic batteries, with condemned and dying conventional power plants as the source.  The envisioned, so-called green, wind and solar supplies fail the math in spectacular fashion.  Case in point: California but why go there again… Sorry.  I repeat myself, but the inanity of the effort is better described as suicidal.  There is hardly a product or manufacturing process that does not depend on Petroleum and natural gas… Q.E.D.

Could someone please initiate a gain of function study for the gummit…?  Thank you very much…


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The Saturday cartoons at PowerLine this morning were all pretty good.  Too many to extract.  A few of the top ones:

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