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I don’t know much… as the song goes, so I read a lot.  Turns out around the year 1108, plus or minus, there was an unaccountable dimming of the sun and a complete loss of the moon.  Science has explored ice borings to determine if perhaps  volcanic deposits might indicate eruptions of such a magnitude as to cause the phenomena cited.  yada, yada… ash deposits do exist but more significantly, ancient language references were uncovered along with bits and pieces that appear to be a fossilized gavel of sorts.  The language deciphered to a something akin to peloki or more controversially, hideous nan the ripper… But the most important evidence found was what could only be a fragment of an article of impeachment. And so it appears that history, and I don’t know much, does indeed repeat.

My expertise in Constitutional law perhaps lags my knowledge of history so I am quite comfortable in labeling the impeachment of a private citizen as unconstitutional and perhaps a criminal act in itself. Even Chief Justice Roberts wants no part of it. It would be amusing were it not for the tragedy, if these stately persons of the senate could see themselves as the clowns they are.  The USA is in a state of irrecoverable third world decline.  The suffering of the citizens is masked from view by the political blinders of the elite.  Governance for the people has long vanished in favor of the money grubbing avarice of power. 


  © Robert Graham