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The hit counter on my page has been increasing as of late.  Very troubling. Exposing folks I don’t know to my ultra right wing brain dumps is a side effect that wasn’t really contemplated when I started this nonsense.  Given my age and deteriorated mental state, I should apologize  for the damage to the psyche of those who stumbled on these words - but I was once a Broward County Sheriff ; thus can take no responsibility. Sorry ...

Halley had a good eye check yesterday.  I stayed home to baby-sit the broken pencil who masqueraded as a TV repairman.  Suffice it to say his only accomplishment was leaving his remote control behind when he left. 


I am in the process of obtaining a cold. I didn’t have one; but apparently needed one.   I have negotiated with the virus and conceded it’s right to infect my sinus cavities.  In exchange I received full authority to complain and whine in misery, and permission for unbridled grouchiness.  Seems fair enough.

The cartoons were pretty good this morning.  I knew there would be at least one I could post vis-a-vis the PDT-Fat Boy talks:


Of course this is only valid if PDT doesn’t have to resign over the Story Daniels crises, from ..uh…what… 12 years ago…? Actually he could easily escape the attention from the news interpreters… Just become a democrat… Like, say: JFK or john edwards or… who was that other guy…? you know the one who thought he was going to be the first husband…?  Senior moment.  Can’t think of his name…

But then there is this:


OK.  Off to flush my sinuses, kick the dogs, scream at the TV and fall into a cookie coma.


aa© Robert Graham 2012