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Ho Hum...

Busy week.  My mornings have been consumed with trips here and there so no time for the blog.

We watched a bit of the impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment but tired of the rhetoric quickly.  I do enjoy the Mitch and his laid back destruction of the democrats.  I wish I had some cogent witticisms that would clarify the whole mess.  In fact the democrats have summarized it all pretty well: " We have to impeach this man because he may win the next election…"  Q.E.D.

Actually I don’t think the White House needs to mount a defense when this is the prosecution:


Or this:

let’s see… was it Monday when the radical white nationalist child murdering mob rioted in Richmond…? Hard to say because the news interpreters, who wished desperately for blood to run in the streets, shut down all coverage when the assembly turned out to be massive and peaceful.

Our current foster girl Marley is quite a character.  She is frightened of the outdoors.  She will not go out unless one of is with her and even then runs back in after doing her business.

She is is not reluctant to use the furniture and is very cute…

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