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Ho Hum...

I have run out of ways to say democrats bad, liberals stupid and corruption runs amok in the FBI and DOJ.  My only themes and badly worn.  

So I’m thinking of shifting the meme to cute dog stories… But dogs are democrats so where does that lead me…?  I’ve left Climate Change pretty much to the occasional irony but that thread can only jump to the liberals are stupid category.  There is always religion, but the depth of my theological wisdom is measured in molecules.  I can astound the uninitiated with tales of the submarine service but the vast majority of my 3-5 readers know better and would quickly point out the fairy tale nature of my sea stories.

I guess my melancholy is related to the Fair Kimberly’s column this morning.  She goes back over the facts as covered up by the various senior players in the FBI and DOJ to reach the same conclusion she published over a year ago.  Nothing new and nothing is going to change.  That and the persistent rumors that the SpecProc will soon release a report of his very expensive investigative quest.  And those findings will be conclusive only if he mandates the immediate execution of PDT by venomous snake bites and crocodile rending, to be televised on CNN.  Otherwise… yada, yada…

There are two articles in the reading today concerning the #METOO stuff. One was in the WSJ by Alan Dershowitz and the other by the Ammo Grrrll in the PowerLine collection.  Dershowitz bemoans the guilty until proven innocent climate, citing an accuser against him.  He claims undeniably evidence he was in another place and can show the plaintiffs lawyer’s certification that the accusation was false.  Yet the atmosphere of guilt follows him and won’t go away.  Ammo Grrrll, speaking from a woman’s perspective suggests that women do have to take responsibility for their behavior.  The WSJ is behind a firewall but you can read PowerLine at the link.  I guess my point here is that the two articles put to rest all that you need to know about the #METOO.  And so that is also off my list.

Stock tips… Yeah that’s the ticket… Or maybe car repair…  I also know nothing about the fixing of sewing machines… Maybe all isn’t lost after all.


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