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It always seems to have been a whirlwind.  Yet in retrospect, I did nothing productive. I read my book, learned some new techie things just from association with the tech center of the family, and ate quite well.  We had an easy trip home although the traffic was heavier than I ever remember it.  

Still well under 4 hours to deliver an anxious Roscoe home.  He doesn’t enjoy the trip at all.  He knows he won’t be allowed to eat a cat but the motivation remains and he spends the days eyeing the lair, pretty much just daring the elusive morsels to give him a shot.  Trust me when I say it isn’t curiosity or a desire to play that lurks behind his unblinking stare.


Kathleen and company prepared a feast worthy of royalty.  Steve smoked a second turkey. We had the traditional chili the night before; fundamentally a food orgy.  Kathleen, bless her, stayed up very late to make sticky buns for me. The Lames were in full attendance although there was some suspicion that an imposter stand-in replaced young Ashlyn who at last count was only 4 years old.

IMG 8820

Notably, there was no salad as we have all heard by now that lettuce is contaminated.  On the other hand… what's with all of the ice…?

We were up at the crack of dawn to hit Black Friday as hard as we could.  OK, for your information 8:10 is the crack of dawn around here and we did look at the ads pretty throughly before deciding we don’t need any of that stuff and neither do you.  

Well, I am starting to covet a new iPhone. A trip to the Fuquas always starts a major “ I need some new toys” fire.  The automation of the household is fairly frightening.  The doors log you in and out; the lighting automatically shuts down as doors lock up for the evening;  Alexa can turn lights on and off at her whim as she delivers notes to central HQ about everyone;  music from almost any genre and source leaks out the walls and ceiling at the touch of a phone; the thermostat and smoke detectors  track people movement around the house as does the wifi.  I haven’t actually seen the home defense system but I know its there.

I am remiss in my obligation to keep the world free of pixelated aliens.  The one element missing from travel is a portable weaponized Playstation.  Don’t worry you’ll be safe shortly

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