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Whirlwind trip to Atlanta and back.  Roughly 1200 miles altogether in the rancid, petroleum soaked van. Actually the smell wasn’t all that bad.  Certainly not as bad as the democrat congress… Driving home on Mother’s Day made the transit quite a bit easier.  Waze got us by the one major snag.

We were there for the wedding of our nephew.  It was a lovely event at a country club worthy of the image one used to hold of a “Country Club”. Large imposing building with sweeping porches overlooking the 18th green. Lots of Members Only signs. The ceremony was held in a large hall, nicely decorated.  As seems to be the way of the youth, there was no dimension of faith on display or in words of the official who pronounced the union.  Apparently, God was neither a member nor an invited guest. 

We didn’t get much in the way of news on the journey.  Music is the better companion.  But on return we found not much had progressed. Trade talks are quagmired.  We can’t seem to get our minds around the Chinese culture of cheating and corruption and they look at the democrats and say are we really so different…?

Nadler, who is a parody just in his appearance, continues to shriek and rake his fingernails across the chalk board. The supporting news interpreters refuse to deal with the elephant in the room:


Some day, if the history is allowed to be recorded, this era will be recognized as when a great Nation self-destructed and was brought down by  the insanity of a  pagan minority, abetted by the fourth estate whose only job was to save the republic from that same group.

The climate today is cool, damp and dark.  Apparently, there was unusually severe weather across the south.  We didn’t see it.  

I missed the Saturday cartoons. In retrospect, there weren’t any that tickled my fancy.  I did find this one somewhere that describes clearly the focus of hate that has resulted from the election of PDT:


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