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Did you know we were gone…?  We arrived home Sunday afternoon to a mixed greeting.  Ginger, our foster, was ecstatic,  She wagged, rolled over and licked.  Clearly happy.  Roscoe was a lilt more subdued but nosed in for loving.  Gracie just blew us off.  After a brief wag, she walked away and took a nap.  Clearly she was not happy with our abandonment.  This morning she warmed up and has insisted on lots of love.  Implicit: don’t leave me like that again… Roscoe won’t leave my feet this morning.

The deck demolition team arrived early this morning and are doing exactly that.  Hopefully the composite replacement is also near by.

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Great cruise with Dave and Judy, although clearly stressful...

We transited the St Lawrence Seaway from Montreal to Quebec, Prince Edwards Island and Nova Scotia and then along the coast to Bar Harbor, finishing at Boston.  Fabulous weather, mid-70s and clear, until we hit Boston where is was 100+.  We skipped the excursions and walked our own path.  No time pressure and lot’s of reading and the usual culinary gorging.  Our waiter in the dining room was from Indonesia and celebrated my wearing of the batik on Gala nights (as formal nights are now known).

We walked many, many, many steps in Quebec as we traversed the high cliffs, ate ice cream, searched out lobster rolls in Maine and managed to avoid getting arrested for hate speech. 

Access to the internet was incredibly expensive.  It was roughly $25 per day.  Plans were by the day instead of hourly.  We had adequate WIFI ashore and Dave had telephone service in Canada for some reason while the rest of us suffered in airplane mode.  Out daily news summary came from the NYT so we came off the cruise quite assured PDT is a racist monster and socialism is the only path forward.

Anyway good to be home even if we still can’t get NBC stations from DirecTV.  


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