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Home Again

You probably didn’t know we were gone.  We arrived at the parking lot of the Richmond neurology vet at 9:30 yesterday morning.  Dogs were to be picked up and taken into the building from the parking lot.  We called, per the protocol, to let them know we had arrived.  Voice mail.   What…?  Yeah voice mail.  Several calls over 20 minutes… Finally I spotted a person from “Inside” walking to another car to retrieve a dog… No one is  answering from inside, I yelled out… Just keep calling was the reply…  Patience not being one of my blessed gifts, I stormed the office.  "You can’t come in here” rang out in unison… Answer the @#$% phone, was my softly screamed rejoinder… Almost old people have personality flaws… So long story short, Remi was taken in, examined, put under and given an MRI.  The process took all day. We got home after six.  Please look for my upcoming book: “7 1/2 Years In a Parking Lot"…  We have lovely neighbors.  They let the Gracie and Roscoe out.  Yes, we had a kindle and Mei Mei’s iPad… And we are still married.

A caller on Rush had an excellent question yesterday: “Are we trying to prevent people from dying or are we trying to prevent everyone from getting sick?  His answer was we are trying to prevent everyone from getting sick… now as a proud member of the extremely vulnerable class, I know that getting sick is very likely equated with dying… That’s a generalization, and all generalizations are false.  His point was getting sick is probably what the nation needs.  Otherwise we are spiraling down and recovery may not happen. And wouldn’t that please the Chinese…?  and the democrats.


I was going to excoriate our government for their absolutely inept and useless contribution to the entire virus issue.  My lady of the Word, Kimberly, does a superb job of exactly that this morning in the WSJ.  I have no value to add.

nan and chuckie have plans for another $4T in spending… Oh joy… I am struggling to pay off the last $2.5T they just spent.  I will soon have nothing to give… Doesn’t matter I guess because I am going anyway… Vulnerable class you know…

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