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Home Early

Let’s see… 7 guys worth of sea stories…Six Navy and a lone Grunt.  A mostly empty golf resort and course… Absolutely perfect weather… The course sits at 2200 feet above sea level.  50’s at night 75-80 during the day… an astoundingly beautiful course… gourmet food…And I didn’t play all the badly… It was a great time.  But after finishing up yesterday with everyone leaving this morning, I made the decision to not stay the night and come on home to see if I could catch my wife with the marine…  As it turns out the marine was a Sunday School curriculum meeting and the the perfidy was her signing me up to teach w/o my consent.

One of the requirements for a guy’s golf outing is peeing in the woods.  In this case however, well appointed bathrooms were available on course obviating the need.  At one stop, the men’s was full so given the opportunity, I identified as “able_to_use_any_bathroom_that_I_damn_well_please” and slipped into the “Ladies”.  And that’s where I discovered it’s all a lie… There are differences… Nary a urinal in sight…

The organizer of the trip is what one might call a “liberal”.  That was somewhat hard to define given the rest of us were hard over, radical right wing barbarian extremists.  In other words we were PDT supporters and he was not.  His life was spared by his wise decision not to participate in any of the choir preaching. 

Not a lot of news available in that part of Virginia.  We didn’t watch a lot of TV.  I did see a picture of PDT at the State Dinner with the Queen. All quite regal and imposing but it seemed to me that every eye was on Melania who is just stunning.  If she were a democrat, God forbid, she could rule the world. Her poise and stature would invoke worship across the globe.  But since she is married to that person, she is just another cretin in the eyes of the elite.

I suppose the bells of impeachment are still ringing across the democratosphere.  I seem to have no hearing at that frequency.


I’m not sure hearing aids would help.


aa© Robert Graham 2012