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Convoluted trip home.  We departed Fairbanks via United around 9:00 PM Fairbanks time.  We were late leaving and late arriving in Chicago and consequently missed our connection.  United rebooked us via Dulles which worked out but we didn’t arrive Norfolk until about 2:00 PM instead to the 08:30 scheduled.  No stress but we haven’t had sleep in about a week.  I can’t even remember when we ate last so that’s a small issue.  Anyway, Jackson met us and the dogs greeted us with enthusiasm.  We’re trying not to go to bed thinking maybe a quick return to normal hours will remedy what ails us.

Overall the cruise was less than it should have been.  Not the company of course.  We savored the precious time with children and always have a great time with Dave and Judy.  The cruise, done by Princess, just fell short in service, food quality and several other categories from what we think we experienced in the past.  Maybe we have become jaded or perhaps the cruise has lost it’s luster.  

The trip though Denali and the day in Fairbanks was very nice.  Although we saw relatively few animals, the weather was great.  We did a 5 hour trip on a river boat and enjoyed the history of Fairbanks.  The locals were sweltering in 70 degree heat.  We loved it.  Yesterday we had to kill the day so The Mckees rented a car and we did the University of Alaska museum, visited the pipeline and did some shopping.  Dinner on the river was nice and then hit the airport.

Alaskans, whatever their politics, are very independent and if nothing else, have a great sense of humor. Everyone was very friendly but by in large our contact was with seasonal workers who do not live there all year round. 

I was sitting behind an oriental woman at one of the river cruise presentations.  She was attempting to take a selfie, to include herself in a shot of some reindeer.  It wasn’t an iPhone because I saw “selfie” printed across the screen as she struggled.  She kept pointing the camera at the animals in front of her and got very frustrated when she didn’t appear in the picture.  I offered to take her picture but she glared at me thinking no doubt that this almost old man was making untoward advances.  She never got the selfie.  I snickered.

I have some pictures but nowhere near the quantity or quality of Son-in-law Steve.  Whenever the great photo presented itself, we just sat back and said don’t worry, Steve got it.

Denali, “The Mountain”, Mount McKinley ….Whatever… This was my picture.  Steve got better shots.

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