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Honor the Sabbath...

was the subject of our Minister’s sermon yesterday.  He spoke of not working, assembling for worship and, most important, the need for rest.  He encouraged us all to go home and take a nap.  Can you see why I love this guy…?

Today I am struggling with racism...


Apparently any disagreement with people whose skin color is not white is racism, while the converse is not.  Actually skin color has little to do with it because criticism of democrats by conservatives is also racism.  Insistence on border security is racist.  Condemnation of radical Islamic terrorism is racist.  Support of Israel’s struggle to exist is racist. Patriotism is racist - thanks a lot Nike. Giving one’s child a white puppy is racist… Wow.  Do you see my conundrum…?  Well there is one constant that can help my confusion.  PDT is a racist no matter what he says or does so there in itself is the definition.

It seemed unfair and by definition racist,  for PDT to single out Baltimore and the representation of Maryland's 7th Congressional District for criticism.  But then it would be typical of a racist to call out rat infestation and seemingly poor leadership and governance in a solidly democratic region.  So I looked into it.  Or rather I found an article I liked by someone who looked into it.  Of course it was someone from FOX News (Oh the racist shame…).

Some bullet points:

“Fourteen Baltimore neighborhoods have lower life expectancies than North Korea,” the Washington Post reported. “Eight are doing worse than Syria.”

"According to Orkin Pest Control, Baltimore is one of the most rat-infested cities in America. The pest control company ranks Baltimore No. 6 on its list. All of the Top 10 most rat-infested cities are controlled by Democrats, by the way.

"The BBC featured the city in a scathing report on poverty in America. At least 25 percent of the people in Cummings' congressional district live in poverty.”

Much more at the link.  My racism in pointing this out is blatant and probably unforgivable.  But I did honor the Sabbath yesterday.  I took a nap.


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