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Hoo boy...

I guess the dems have gotta dem… Really unbelievable. nan the ripper set up an oversight committee to fundamentally investigate the PDTorona so they can attempt to get some smears in before the election.  The disgrace of the democrats has lingered from the Kavanough cesspool through the impeachment disaster and now into politicizing the virus.  Will the American Voter hold them accountable… Sadly the dems don’t think so and I must admit I have my doubts.



I am doing my part.  I baked some scones this morning and delivered to an elderly shut-in couple we know. They were grateful but didn’t recognized me because of my hair style.  I’ll be going to a Willy Nelson pigtail soon.

Zoom is a teleconferencing program that has become very popular.  Mike asked me if I used it but I don’t.  The developers of the program are in China. I admit to being an unabashed racist but read the reviews  anyway.  I found out the program is full of security holes that among other things allows the seizing of the computer camera and easy planting of malicious programs.  All that notwithstanding, if we want to do a teleconference with the doctor guess what program they use...

What…  you want less rant and more cartoons…?  I got you covered…



And finally….

If you print that one out and paste it up to the wall, it makes a lovely dart board.

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