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Hoo boy...

Try as I may,  I cannot get past the murderous venom spewing from the democrats.  This below from a teacher… yes, a teacher of children in Minn.


Criminality aside, what sort of mind thinks it’s smart to post such things on a forum exposed to the world…?  I suppose she thought she would be hailed because, well, none of those barbarian right wing monsters are allowed on Twitter… 


This article from The Babylon Bee is satire.  Really.  But at first glance, its entirely credible.

My head hurts but one last shot before I close this.  MS Ford's story has had enormous coverage.  I suspect there are folks among the deepest Amazon tribes who know about her claims.  And yet there still has been absolutely nothing discovered to corroborate. Nothing.  No one.  Not the owner of the house, not her parents, nobody.. has come forward to say “Oh yeah, now I remember…”.  



In other news, Michael threatens to ruin our lives.  Yeah.  My guess is we have just 5 years to control uh… AGW…? climate change…? uh… Global cooling…? Oh dear.  I don’t know what it is we must control but I do know we have had just 5 years before the total loss of humanity since the late 70’s. 


 Is it possible that the current state of the democrat population is exactly the decline in humanity predicted so many 5 year increments ago…?  Gasp...  So many things make sense now.

Just saw where Niki Haley resigned… Yikes...

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