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We returned from a visit with Dave and Judy last night.  We paid to  use the southbound Express lanes and to our delight bypassed some really significant all stop traffic on the regular 95.  Our navigation assistant, WAZE, calculated we saved 30 minutes of delay by that move.  We hit Hampton Roads after 10:00 PM and normally would have foregone the HOV lane because traffic is usually more or less reasonable.  But we wandered onto the express lane anyway and again skirted past a couple of huge traffic stoppages.  

We had a wonderful albeit brief visit.  It has been too long a time since we've been together.  Our lives and families are very tightly interwoven and every moment and memory is special. For reasons I can no longer recall we call each other “the other people”.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have only one cartoon today and I print it in tribute to Mike McLane who originated this theme many years ago in a treatise published, I believe. in the New London Day:

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Oh, I need to acknowledge with great gratitude a gift from nephew-in-law, Val. There are few gifts (short of a PS5) that are more generous or exciting:

In the same category and significance, a corresponding father’s day gift came from Steve and Kathleen and so I present a picture of both:

IMG 2776IMG 2775

My cup runneth over, literally, but I have to wonder at my legacy...

  © Robert Graham