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Hump Day

I usually play golf on Wednesdays so readers are spared my daily tripe.  It’s cool and wet this morning and those factors are distinctly anti-golf.  So here I go again…

PowerLine published some great lizzy cartoons.  I found some others.  Her DNA test results were less than convincing unless of course, one gets their news from the Interpreters… You can check them out but I found this one elsewhere and it cracked me up: The PDT expression is still making me LOL


Rumors are rampant the Mueller will publish findings soon.  Wouldn’t surprise me, given the FBI/DOJ campaign against PDT, to hear selected leaks just before election day.  Then after outraged denials, the actual report will be released but redacted. You know, “PDT was found nnn guilty of collusion and obstruction…”

We still have no suitor for Lena.  There are two application that are pending.  Not sure how she will react.  She is very attached to my wife of many years.

The cry from the left is that the courts, especially SCOTUS, are illegitimate because… PDT.  So their answer is that they will pack the courts as soon as they can get the power.  And that by liberal logic will make them legitimate… Yeah


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