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We have the Sunday School class coming over at noon for our annual auction fund raiser.  This all started with an auction things made at by the class, but now that we are all nearing old age, no one wants stuff anymore so it comes down to a bake sale.  Any way need to rush through this…

Mei Mei had prepared crust for three pecan pies.  She left them on the counter while she multi-tasked and Lena helped herself consuming all three unbaked crusts.  Needless to say she did not keep them down and generously spread the undigested residue on the family room rug.

The PowerLine Cartoons have several more really great 1/1024 memes.  I have done that to death so check them out for yourselves.  

The Interpreters are consumed with the mid terms.  I have little hope the republicans can prevail.  The Kavanaugh effect has faded.  It’s old news.  The democrat insanity overwhelms republican pique - always has… Besides that, all liberals especially the deranged, are democrats.  Not all conservatives are republicans.  In point of fact many conservatives hold their noses to vote against democrats; not for republicans.  Therein lies the reason democrats will take the house.

I do enjoy the bizarre:


Things to do… 

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