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I am not

now; never have been and never will be a constitutional scholar.  But that doesn’t prevent me from being expert.  I saw the exact wiki page that might have discussed where precisely one might go to read such a document.  That event and my inner democrat makes me expert.  So I can categorically state my expert opinion that there is no constitutional right to hold a security clearance.  Hence the threat from j. brennan to sue PDT over the revocation of his would be a joy to behold.


It rained last night, violently at times.  The rain filled the pool, the drainage ditches and the streets.  There was a lot of rain.  The Sribar family is visiting to enjoy the beach.  The beach is wet.

I see where the South African government has begun seizing land from white farmers.  This very act destroyed Zimbabwe.  Now it will destroy SA, once a first world, prosperous country with beauty and resources.  Now it will become the Chicago of Africa.


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