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I looked it up

I spent some time reviewing what my search engine provided in answer to the question “How do masks help prevent the spread of the wuhan virus.” (or words to that effect).  The most common element in the pro arguments was that masks control the droplet cloud spread from the sneeze or cough and those droplets are very likely to contain the virus. It matters little whether or not the emitter has been inoculated.  Everyone is a carrier.  There was little insistence that a mask wearer in the midst of such a spray was significantly protected taking in the virus.  In fact a couple of treatments of the topic said even the fully sealed “95” styled masks could not prevent passage of that stinking little  bug of Chinese origin. The con arguments range from hysterical “don’t tread on me” hyperbole to questions of rebreathing fetid air and even air contaminated from a previous use. To be of any value  masks must be washed and/or changed frequently.   My conclusion is mask mandates are intended to protect thee from me and may be somewhat effective in that mission.

Note I do not argue how mandates conflict with the rights of citizens detailed in the Constitution of the United States.

I am always quick to plagiarize material I find well put and beyond my capacity to imagine or articulate. This is a link to an article published on a page called “Tablet” .  The article is long but fun to read at least if you think like me (and why else would you be reading here..)  Below is the plagiarized summary intended to explain why there are vaccine deniers:

The same people who told you Brexit would never happen, that Trump would never win, that when he did win it was because of Russian collusion but also because of racism, that you must follow lockdowns while they don’t, that masks don’t work, that masks do work, that social justice protests during pandemic lockdowns are a form of “health intervention,” that ransacking African American communities in the name of fighting racism is a “mostly peaceful” form of protest, that poor and underserved children locked out of shuttered schools are “still learning,” that Jussie Smollett was a victim of a hate crime, that men are toxic, that there is an infinite number of genders, that COVID couldn’t have come from a lab until maybe it did, that closing borders is racist until maybe it isn’t, that you shouldn’t take Trump’s vaccine, that you must take the vaccine developed during the Trump administration, that Andrew Cuomo is a great leader, that Andrew Cuomo is a granny killer, that the number of COVID deaths is one thing and then another … are the same people telling you now that the vaccine is safe, that you must take it, and that if you don’t, you will be a second-class citizen.


OK must mention p* begging OPEC for oil.  Sorry, can’t get my head around it. Is anyone really that stupid…?


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