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Sorry about the outburst but my conventional vocabulary is inadequate.  By all measures I am above average in intelligence and live by a reasoned set of life standards that celebrates good and condemns evil.  Yet I find myself in dramatic conflict with others in my human family who consider themselves to be as I described above, but whose values of good and evil are  irreconcilably different. For example, when the crimes detailed within the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop were revealed, my reaction was: this evil must be exposed and cleared.  The other group declared there was no evil and all exposure to the information must be eliminated.  There is no logic or explanation for that conclusion that is acceptable to my credo.  Yet that course of action was and is perfectly fine to millions of well educated,  family raising, persons who regularly tie their own shoes and make their way to work and back.  Some might even share family genes.  

This conflict of ethos is widespread.  We  disagree on the existence of God, the culpability for the lies perpetrated on xPDT, the cause for the current suffering of the American people, yada yada.

When a tragedy such a mass killing of school children occurs, my reaction, after the grief, is what causes the people who do such things to act in that way. How can we fix that.  The opposing group immediately, illogically, concludes that the tools employed in mass murder are to blame and storms for their elimination.  

I know none of this is informative but I spend my words on this site illustrating, over and over this very perspective.  I can’t see the point anymore.

  © Robert Graham