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In a nut shell


I probably won’t live to see the revolution.  Do you suppose the Russians will interfere…?

I guess I could continue on my democrats stupid and liberal bad theme but even mustering my most sensational, vitriolic hyperbole, I can’t begin to express the true extent.  So I fall back to the well exercised meme to make my points:


 Nobody celebrates the PDT behavior.  But really, who else could pull this off


One of my most carefully observed of life truths is that no matter how the VDOT works to improve the roads, we never catch up.  They will  hamper traffic for months to make it all better.  Then once it is better, they start in again three miles down the road.  

Yesterday, while transporting, a 6 gallon gas container spilled in the back of the Odyssey.  You cannot imagine the mess.  Fortunately it was contained in the well at the back but I am sure we will never get the smell out.  After scooping and blotting the gas, we dumped three bags of kitty litter in to absorb as much as possible.  The residue is a giant mess in itself.  Nightmare….


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