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In case you missed it

There is a crises of the soul concerning what a person hears when a certain recording is played.  Some, correctly I might add, say the word is “laurel”.  Others, probably SAMSUNG employees -but no prejudice intended,  swear the sound speaks “yanni” .  Clearly the disparity is evidence of brain wiring, ear frequency sensitivity and whether or not dogs play a role in your life.  But how does one explain this…?


Obviously I missed a chance to smear and denigrate my favorite class of voters, so...

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As the evidence builds of hussein involvement in the spying on Americans, one of their top idiots in place, former director of intelligence, jim “duh” clapper, confirms both the supposition and the oxymoron nature of his former title.  He is on record as saying if there was a spy in the Trump organization it was good thing

IMG 0620

The cries of anguish from liberals over PDT labeling the gentlemen MS-13 as “animals” have generated amusement among folks with functional brains.  The cartoons are endless and range from very poor taste to effective parody… That I chose this one may indicate where I fall in the range...

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Yesterday a rented truck drove up to the house and two men arrived at the door announcing they had come to pick up my TV set.  They could easily have been a couple of the above, sans tattoos, just taking advantage of an almost old man to steal his beloved TV.  The joke would have been on them but as it turned out they also had a replacement.  After removing the carcase, they brought in what appears to be a new set identical to the old, although clearly marked “refurbished”.  They left me with the assorted pieces, which I assembled and placed in service.  So far so good.  Of course what is chosen for viewing….?

IMG 1484


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