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Yesterday we moved one of our fosters, Ladybug, to another home to test how she would react to separation from her litter mate.  It went amazingly well.  Ladybug, instead of retreating into her shell, actually bonded with the foster family.  So we are down one dog and it’s surprising how much less hectic the household seems.

We also had the pool opened yesterday.  Sigh… Lot of things need fixing.  I might as well just link a direct tap into the pool drain from the bank account the way that pool sucks money.  I’d fill it in in a heartbeat if I thought I could get away with it.  

We have traveled to Israel and observed first hand the poverty and poor living condition of the so called Palestinians.  The Palestinian Christians are especially troubled. They don't find sympathy from either the Jews or Muslims. Topology and life changes radically as one crosses the border of the West bank area.  On the Israeli side, roadways are maintained, the trash is collected and farms flourish.  On the West Bank side, trash and litter prevail, the roads are in poor shape and the people are heavy burdened.  Both sides have grievances that are irreconcilable. If, as we did, one has a Palestinian Christian guide, one hears non-stop of Israeli abuse.  The other perspective should be self-evident from an observation of Jewish persecution throughout history.  The mindless prejudice against Judaism is almost genetic in some societies.

Sadly, a liberal viewpoint is always anti-Israel no matter the logic.  Case in point is the bombing of the Media Center in Gaza.  In spite of hard, smoking gun evidence that Hamas occupied the same press building as the AP, when Israel destroyed the building (with warnings beforehand) the News Interpreters screamed in outrage.  Read this article for example.  p*, as a tool for the radicals and obama in particular will attempt to throw Israel under the bus thus damaging our one reliable ally in the world.  And guess what… American Jews will continue to vote democrat.  Go figure.

For some comic relief on the topic, go here.

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