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1. Says Glen Reynolds: “Nothing that’s happened with this pandemic has made me want the to play a bigger role in health care.”

2. Whoopi Goldberg argued with a Conservative guest about the possibility the wuhan spreading regardless of vaccination status; then the triple vaxxed, double masked liberal was infected with covid…and shocked.  I did everything they told me to do, she cried…

3. xPDT is more popular today than the day he left office, even after leading an armed insurrection against the tenants of Democracy.



On a personal note:  I find the public persona of xPDT obnoxious and egomaniacal.  I don’t want him to be a candidate for President again.  There are others who would be better able to convince the country that Conservative Republicans can and should lead the United States of America in a positive direction.  

In other news: Our 3 year foster girl has become sufficiently comfortable that she and  5 year old Gracie wrestle and play quite a bit.  12 year old Roscoe looks askance at this over abundant waste of energy .  After several minutes he will announce his displeasure vociferously and the girls will scatter - but only briefly nd the whole pattern repeats.

And finally in recognition of the  p* communication skills:

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