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Is it Cold yet…?

I guess it depends.  Glad not to be living in Chicago but that can be said no matter the season or climate. Here it is in the 30’s with more global warming caused temperature drops in the offing.  Hopefully the geothermal heat pump can find a calorie or two to suck from the ground water.  Otherwise we gather upstairs where the burning of the by-products of ancient decomposition warms the soul and body.

Many who have visited here experienced the dreaded contaminated glassware exposure.  It had become routine to hold the glass up for inspection before rejecting it for suspicious accumulations of … uh… stuff.  The Friday before we left for Disney, the main motor for the dishwasher came down with a terminal coil disease.  The repairman diagnosed somewhere in the vicinity of $450 for the surgery and rehab, so unlike the case of RBG, retirement was deemed the better choice.  While we struggled with and dodged the belligerence of the motorized crowd cruisers on the streets of the Magic Kingdom, Dr Johnny installed a new Kitchen Aide.  I am pleased to announce that after a week of careful glassware perusal, nothing but squeaky clean results have been observed.  Coffee cups as well.

Our new foster, Pearl is a true cutie.  She is very shy and timid though.  The TV set both fascinates and scares her.  She will watch closely but if something jumps or goes bang she will race for cover.  We have no insight into her background, as usual.  She was born in 2016, so clearly we must blame PDT.  Then again the transition to a Christian home from her Islamic background could be the cause of her trauma.  Everyone knows how close-minded we Christians are, not to mention our silly phobias about baby murder.

Speaking of which a Virginia democrat has introduced a bill allowing abortion at any time, right up to the moment of birth.  Read and be afraid.  

Oh yeah, kamela, much like hussein, wants to eliminate health insurance.  She doesn’t lie about it though.  You can’t keep your plan or your doctor.  Imagine her opinion on the slaughter of children...

How about a happy picture to close:

L->R: Steve, Kathleen, Douglas, Julie. Dave, Judy. Mei Mei and some guy in a hat.  Smiling children on a rainy morning celebrating the Mouse.

aa© Robert Graham 2012