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It turns out

that fauci is a fraud.  What a surprise.   Not his fault really, he is a career bureaucrat.    Those of that class hone the skills of CYA and prevarication in order to continue sucking the teat of Mother Government.  Masks are useless except to cover the cough or sneeze, he said. Wear a mask to save lives he said.  The virus certainly did not come from research lab in wuhan funded on his recommendation. he said… Whoops … maybe it did.  I am pretty sure the word fraud is understating the case.  But he is the darling of the elites and such a pretty face.  Will he pay for his crime of perfidy…?  Yeah much the same way bb hil paid for hers along with countless of other liberal democrats…


Golf is wicked mistress.  Yesterday I started by scuffing my second shot to the green into the water, resulting in a double bogie… Then I had 8 straight pars.  Go figure.


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