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It’s a sunny

Saturday morning with temps approaching 60…  The McLanes are by now merrily tooting along on train #99 heading south.  

The cartoons were poor this morning,  I guess it’s hard to be funny about a government shutdown.  There were a couple of gratuitous shots at AO-C and bb hil but those as you know are way too easy and it is just a little scary that the Witch of Arkansas is still in our thoughts.

The video game I play incessantly, includes character skills that include jumping. The  exercise is effected by bizarre manipulation of buttons on the controller.  For reasons that must be completely insane, one frequently encounters jumping puzzles where one must negotiate leaps from rock to ledge to impossible to see, small places only large enough to place a foot.  Failure at such maneuvers results in “death” and grants the privilege of starting the process over again.  Missing the very last of 73 such maneuvers in a row means going back; and screaming obscenities at the injustice doesn’t help.  I mention this because I have what is known as lead foot; I cannot make two jumps in a row much less the twisting repetitive multiple jumps required to complete the quest.  There is one particular quest, the completion of which yields magnificent loot, starts with a jumping sequence that I cannot handle.  Yesterday, a compassionate Samaritan posted a youtube video on how to skate past the opening jumps and get right into the shooting phase.  My cup overflows… There is good in the world.  I don’t even care if the poster is a democrat.

If you yearn for humor, really good humor, read this from Ammo Grrll.  I laughed out loud.

excerpt:  "It is remotely possible that somewhere in a Memory Care Unit in Uzbekistan there is an ancient woman with fewer computer skills than I have. Though, I’m sure her great granddaughter is a whiz. Add to this the fact that I have the patience of a wet cat and you have a person whose systolic blood pressure is soon far higher than her IQ"

It’s unclear to me if the dems could impeach PDT while the government is shut down… Would that be legal…? and if not could the SCOTUS overturn the process if they aren’t working… It’s all so confusing.  Anyway the blogging will be intermittent over the end of the year… News is harsh and I need mellow…

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