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We had  a lesson on the subject in Sunday School last.  Paul had some interesting thoughts on who and who not to judge.  I have pretty much violated every Christian tenet concerning judgement.  My place in Hell is well nailed down from the words in this blog alone.  Still I persist… because… democrats.  Do they actually believe the words they spew as they haggle against the confirmation of ACB…?  Thou shalt not lie… Thou shalt not bear false witness… Thou shall not have any other Gods before me… Thou shalt not covet…  Just a few of the ways by which I judge them.  I am sure I will have even harsher judgements as day 1 of the circus of questions runs its course.  That she has unquestioned credentials and lives a Christian, loving life has little bearing on the nasty, slanderous and prevaricated questioning she will face.  Yes, I will judge and curse.  


So on Sunday, joey and the womanwhoshallnotbenamed held a rally in Arizona.  No one showed up.  How does that work…?  No one at all…  See here.  And yesterday he once again stated he was running for the Senate…  He also couldn’t remember Romney’s name.  Yeah, I’ll have to give him a pass on that one.  There are moments when I can’t remember where my car is parked…

The pool continues to suck in our meager wealth.  The pool cover stitching has rotted to the point where it is no longer capable of being a cover.  Sigh…$$$$$$.

In closing….

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