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Just another Pretty face

This is what happens when you sign the waiver and let the surgeon run wild:

IMG 2616

4 hours of process but in fact the Doctor was great.

It seems that several hundred students at Washington and Lee University are unhappy with the Institutions name.  As a protest, those students walked out of class.  That’s how they show their displeasure. They’ll punish the school. Just walk out of the thing they are there for….   This is the future we hoped and prayed for…? Just for the record, tuition at that school last year ran $57,285.  Must make the parents really, really proud….

I saw that teachers are willing to give the illegals face to face schooling… but they are not willing to teach the children of citizens even when they get extra money and head of the line inoculations.  Don’t event me started about the hotel rooms…

The colors of spring are upon us.  The white of the Bradford, the pink of the cherries, yellow of the daffodils and the …. green of the pollen.  Hate the pollen.  I guess we also have the red of the national debt but too depressing to discuss now…

  © Robert Graham