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Just another Tuesday

Tuesdays are reset day for the games I play.  That means events or quests whose successful completion reward with loot of some sort, may be replayed in order to win  the prize.  Seems infantile and silly when an almost old man writes it down, but there are few real world consequences to the reset.

 There will be another reset day tomorrow.  This reset, consistent with the democrats who caused it, will result in true life trauma.  That is withdrawal of rights, forced unemployment, persecution amd punishment for think crimes and the general malaise that results from democrat governance. 

doj supposedly will cancel the pipeline that provides jobs for thousands and transport of the oil that makes the gas that powers your car.  This will not be done for any other reason than spite and hatred.  That action parallels the 2nd impeachment of PDT.  Done for reasons of spite and hatred.  

In the morning, after breakfast, I meander to my computer to read, cogitate and occasionally blather.  Roscoe, our 12 going on 13 year old big boy. follows me in and takes a position at the front door.  He stands vigil against the invasion of right wing storm troopers who might want to riot in my house.  Or perhaps its just the fedex and UPS white nationalists he need to control…  In any case he is beginning to show his age.  As he lays there alert to the potential death and destruction without, his eyes begin to close and his head nods… and he slowly drops off.  Then with a start he goes back on alert for a few brief moments… He is a beautiful boy.

  © Robert Graham