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We visited an old friend in Charleston on Saturday, spent the night and accompanied him to church before training over to the resort.  We checked in with the kids around 4 and gathered in the suite for champaign and a wonderful video put together by Granddaughter Megan with lovely wishes from friends and family.  Very touching. 

We are in a spacious suite on the corner of the building.  Three balconies overlooking the beach.  There is sitting room, large bedroom, and bath.  There is even a guest bathroom for visitors.

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Monday, in spite of weather fears, was sunny and warm.  Steve, Scott, Kayla and I played golf on one of the five available courses.  We all played well and enjoyed the beautifully manicured course. Went Italian for dinner.  Good that I made reservations a month in advance.  The resort apparently full and all restaurants are booked completely.  We even had to make reservations for breakfast.



Today is not all that pretty.  Heavy rain on and off but we had nothing particular planned so all is well.  

Cocktails at five tonight and dinner at 7:30.  Maybe some more golf tomorrow weather permitting.  

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