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Pam, Mike and Ashlyn arrived late last night.  Mei Mei made Bonnie’s waffles for breakfast but they were wasted because everyone raced out this morning to get Ashlyn to her cheer meet.  Always good to have kids in the house even if they aren’t really kids.  Anyone want waffles…?

Not much to rant about these days. This summarizes my usual theme:

IMG 9722

I got this one from Mike:(Too close to the truth.)


We attempted golf yesterday.  Got 6 holes in before the humidity became so dense we had to race for cover.  I need to get playing again or actually practice.  Almost old people do not like to practice.  Unless they can do it while napping.

The weekly cartoons were OK but I had seen most of them.  The bizarre ones were not really in my lane but I did sort of chuckle at this one:

IMG 9728

I mentioned my taking an IQ test the other day that didn’t finish.  Probably a good thing.  I might have found out I am a democrat…


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