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is back.  I renewed my WSJ (at a reasonable price) and today was able to enjoy the Strassel wisdom.  

Could the conjoined twins of CNN and the Broward Country Sheriff beclown themselves any more…?  The contrast between the sincere and respectful exchange of ideas and airings of grievances led by PDT and the raging political anti-gun rally scripted by CNN could not have been more telling.  As the Sheriff was pontificating, he knew full well he and his department had failed, including the officer who only waited at the door.  


Taking three dogs to the vet today. After I pay the bill I will be joining the democrat party as I go in search of food stamps.

Speaking of democrats:


Summer conditions faded briefly this morning.  We are having the annual trimming of the bushes, grasses etc done and mulch spread.  Seems weird to do that in February but why not… The daffodils are in full bloom and the cherry trees are blooming.  I even played golf in short sleeves on Wednesday.  Heat was oppressive.

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